wearegoing:  the human body is such a beautiful thing so why do I dig my own grave?  Okay. So this is my body. This is me in the summer, it’s me when I was struggling, this body belongs to a human being who wasn’t striving for attention, or striving to look good, but who was battling her own demons. (And there is another version, stolen and changed, HERE) You should not ‘want’ this. This, is a sickness, this, is an illness. But you should not disrespect this, because again, this is an illness. There is a massively thick line between supportive comments and rude remarks. I uploaded this to admit that I wasn’t doing well, that I was scaring myself, that I wasn’t proud of what my body was becoming. But just remember, every comment you ever make can be seen by a huge population.If your aim is to hurt, keep going, you are doing great. But otherwise, think twice. Whether it is an image of a suffering body, or an overweight body, a masculine woman or a feminine boy, whatever the image is - just respect it. You don’t need to be nasty, to live.


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